MicroAutomation Debuts Hosted Contact Center Suite OmniEngage

Today’s consumer-based contact centers must effectively serve three somewhat competing pressures: customer experience, agent cost, operational expense. MicroAutomation’s OmniEngage suite of solutions addresses all three.

OmniEngage brings together MicroAutomation’s MicroMessenger interactive customer engagement products with the Aspect Zipwire contact center solution, all on a reliable and secure cloud platform. Companies can reduce their customer’s effort to resolve their issue with them through proactive and interactive engagement, intuitive IVR self-service and full multichannel interactions.

Agent effectiveness and efficiency are dramatically improved through workforce optimization (WFO) processes, intelligent call routing and CRM integration. Operational economies are found from a scalable hosted application model which shifts traditional capital expenditures to a usage-based operational model.

“This represents the next major step forward in helping our clients respond to today’s customer expectations in the most flexible and cost effective manner,” said Chad Wright, MicroAutomation’s vice president, commercial services, in a statement. “With OmniEngage, we have harnessed the most relevant technologies and best practices as either a series of high value individual modules, or as a true next generation end-to-end hosted contact center. The ROIs we can demonstrate are truly amazing.”