MiaRec Refreshes Call Recording and Quality Management Solution

MiaRec, a global provider of advanced contact center solutions and business call recording products, has released a new version of MiaRec, a call recording and quality monitoring solution for contact centers.

MiaRec version 5.0 features a new Web interface with dashboard, intuitive and advanced search capabilities and extensive reporting functionality.

The new version helps contact centers and businesses to comply with legal requirements, such PCI-DSS, HIPAA and others, improve quality of customer service and enhance agent performance.

New features include: 

  • A contemporary Web interface allows users to search millions of calls by any parameter—e.g., date, time, caller/callee number, agent’s name. Playback is available in the browser window.
  • Call visualization for a fast spotting problem calls, such as talk-over or silence periods.
  • A dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of calls-per-day, call duration, active calls, total number of recorded calls.
  • Flexible and comprehensive reporting functionality allows to users to generate statistics for calls, days, groups and users.
  • Cradle-to-grave recording connects various segments of an interaction into a single record when a caller is transferred between multiple agents, making it much easier to gain a complete understanding of the customer experience.
  • System administration is moved completely to the Web interface. An administrator can easily configure users, assign roles, set up automatic back up, configure retention periods and enable encryption.

“Our goal is to make the MiaRec user experience as seamless as possible for every user working with MiaRec,” said Gennady Bezko, CEO, MiaRec, in a statement. “Advanced functionality does not need to mean long hours of a system set-up and user training. With MiaRec you will have an enterprise-level software set up within less than 30 minutes and contact center managers can start working with MiaRec immediately.”