Mattersight and Aceyus Develop Reporting Solution for Avaya CMS

Mattersight, a personality-based software application provider, has announced an alliance with Aceyus, a provider of data mining and reporting software in the call center industry, which will accelerate implementation of Mattersight's predictive behavioral routing in Avaya environments.

Working together, Mattersight and Aceyus designed a simple, flexible, cost-effective solution for clients who require real-time and historical reporting within direct agent routing environments. Featuring an intuitive design, enhanced sharing features and extensible point and click custom reporting capabilities, this new solution enables Avaya CMS clients to quickly generate specific, detail-rich reports previously unavailable for direct agent routing opportunities.

Aceyus president Mike Ary said that personality-based routing coupled with deep-dive reporting can be transformative for Avaya customers.

"This out-of-the-box routing and reporting package gives Avaya customers far more meaningful insight into and control over their call center interactions,” Ary said in a statement. “When you can see precisely where agents are excelling and where the challenges lie, you're able to make highly-targeted improvements that yield profound results across the board."

"The solution Mattersight and Aceyus have created for Avaya CMS is a model for any organization looking to drive operating leverage, especially as organizations become increasingly reliant upon real-time, data-driven customer and employee insights," said Chris Danson, executive vice president of delivery, Mattersight, in a statement. 

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Posted June 02, 2015