Market Force Information Adds Focus Group Capability

Market Force Information is extending its suite of customer experience management offerings with in-person and online focus groups. These services will enable Market Force's clients to obtain qualitative insights about their customers and prospects, such as their attitudes, what motivates them, what they value most, and what they expect.

Market Force is deploying these services through a partnership with Focus Pointe Global. The partnership provides Market Force clients with access to 20 focus group facilities across the country, a panel of more than 1.6 million consumers, and highly trained moderators.

Market Force's clients can uncover the emotional elements of the customer experience and marry those insights with Market Force's quantitative customer data.

"Our clients want to understand what matters most to their customers, and this new partnership will enable us to help determine what they should be measuring and why," said Market Force CEO Ray Walsh in a statement. "Getting insights directly from customers, and even from competitors' customers, will ensure that we can develop and deploy holistic customer experience measurement programs that contribute to our clients' success.

p>"Aside from giving brands a wealth of data on the why behind consumers' perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes, focus groups go a step further by enabling them to actually observe the consumers, which can be even more illuminating and powerful," Walsh said. "Being in a social setting can also spur brainstorming and deeper discussions among participants."

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Market Force to offer qualitative research methodologies to their quantitative toolbox," said Laura Livers, CEO of Focus Pointe Global, in a statement. "Focus groups function as an essential tool in allowing brands to understand how people experience their products, as well as to invite discussion on what people think of them, what they would like to see, what can be improved, what is working and what is not."