Mark III Systems Launches Cognitive Call Center on IBM Cloud with Watson

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IT solutions provider and IBM Business Partner Mark III Systems has launched the Cognitive Call Center platform using IBM's Watson cognitive technologies on IBM Cloud.

Mark III Systems' Cognitive Call Center platform uses IBM Cloud and Watson to help agents identify, filter, analyze, and act on inbound and outbound calls. The platform uses IBM Cloud Object Storage to manage the unstructured data, and Watson APIs, specifically Watson Speech to Text and Watson Tone Analyzer, to automate the transcription and tagging of audio, provide near real-time analytics and actions, and enable deeper analytics for audits.

Mark III's flagship partner, Cistera Networks, a provider of cloud business communications and collaboration solutions, is already seeing dramatic benefits from the Cognitive Call Center platform.

"Leading with Watson on the IBM Cloud has given us a unique way to guide and partner with enterprises like Cistera around their digital, cognitive, and analytics strategies," said Andy Lin, vice president of strategy at Mark III Systems, in a statement. "The clients who have implemented our cognitive platforms have seen success so far, and we now view the platform approach as a future blueprint for our enterprise cognitive and analytics engagements going forward, including in support of enterprise call centers."

Mark III's development unit, BlueChasm, leveraged virtually the entire IBM stack to create the cloud-based platform with an open API.

"Mark III Systems' Cognitive Call Center is a powerful example of how our IBM Business Partners can create new business opportunities with Watson on IBM Cloud," said David Wilson, vice president of IBM Cloud Business Partners and Channel Innovation, in a statement. "The innovative solution was built on IBM technology across the stack and was recently recognized as an IBM Beacon Award winner for Outstanding Solution Developed on Bluemix."