MaritzCX Partners with Protiviti

MaritzCX, a customer experience software and expert services firm, and Protiviti, a consulting firm, have aligned to provide companies with research, technology and consulting services for the CX space.

"We set out to uncover the cause of why so many businesses, regardless of industry or size, had CX programs that were under delivering," said Mike Sinoway, president and CEO of MaritzCX, in a statement. "We've found that there are three critical elements that drive high-value CX: research, technology and consulting. We also quickly found it is rare for all three of these elements to be found in most CX programs. So, together with Protiviti, we created an integrated CX solution for companies."

The result is MaritzCX's research capability and technology platform to uncover CX insights combined with Protiviti's global consulting expertise to execute on these insights throughout every department of companies that are striving to improve their customer experience.

The solution helps companies to do the following:

  • Investigate through surveys, voice of the customer, learning management systems;
  • Measure through data analysis, CX benchmarks, and key performance indicators;
  • Respond through case management, journey mapping, and operational improvements and programs;
  • Standardize through process and performance management and CX metric alignment;
  • Solve through product education and strategic roadmap development;
  • Align through CX project portfolio management, training and education; and
  • Enculturate through predictive analysis, process automation, CX policy and governance, and culture/change management systems.

"We recognized early on that many businesses and organizations struggle when it comes to implementing their CX programs and key process and performance improvement initiatives," said Randall Coxworth, a Protiviti managing director and global leader of the firm's business performance improvement practice, in a statement. "Our alliance with MaritzCX delivers comprehensive business insights and provides tactical and implementable solutions tailored to clients' environment and culture, which directly impact their CX success and business performance."