Marchex Releases Executive Overview Dashboard

Marchex, a provider of call analytics, has added the Executive Overview Dashboard to its speech analytics technology, allowing companies to view actionable customer insights from calls in a single view.

The Executive Overview Dashboard in Marchex Speech Analytics features a range of capabilities and analytics tools, including the following:

  • Trend chart, which helps marketers optimize their media and keyword strategies with actionable insights into customer calls that indicate high buying intent and areas where they're losing prospects and customers;
  • Interesting calls breakout, which leverages sentiment data to surface calls most likely to be interesting with either delighted or disgruntled customers, allowing users to access the identified calls directly from the dashboard;
  • Time of day chart, which provides a consolidated, zoomed-in view of customer conversations by day and down to the hour;
  • Leaderboard, which captures top and bottom sales performers across key performance indicators, such percentage of deals closed, upsell and cross-sell conversions, and lift from sales promotions; and
  • Call tables, which displays an aggregated roll-up of all speech signals in a single view that ties marketing and sales operations metrics together in ways that can help grow revenue and accelerate ROI

"Customers have told us that they would benefit from a customizable dashboard that enables them to view the most business-critical information up front," said Jason Flaks, senior director of product and engineering for speech analytics at Marchex, in a statement. "The new Executive Overview Dashboard gives business leaders strategic, real-time visibility into company performance based on deep learning algorithms and AI-powered conversation analysis functionality."

In addition to the Executive Overview Dashboard, this release includes several other feature enhancements, including client match-back data, which helps companies map sales results to specific marketing campaigns. Also, users can now implement custom lost opportunity parameters that illustrate where particular customers are churning over the phone.