Marchex Acquires Call Monitoring Company Callcap

Marchex, a provider of call analytics, is acquiring Callcap, a call monitoring and analytics company, for $35 million.

Callcap specializes in call monitoring and analytics solutions for more than 12 industry verticals, including home services, healthcare, automotive, and telecommunications. The company's technology evaluates millions of calls each month, providing deep insights into consumer and business conversations with numerous integrations into the call center environments of many franchise businesses. Callcap has processed tens of millions of calls year to date, which further expands the footprint of Marchex's conversational data set. Additionally, the company offers a separate self-service offering to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

"With the addition of Callcap, we are expanding our conversational data footprint and customer base, as well as enhancing our growth opportunities in valuable verticals and new customer channels, such as the small business segment," said Russell Horowitz, Marchex's executive director and member of the office of the CEO, in a statement. "Our investments in AI and machine learning will accelerate Callcap's ability to surface insights on an automated basis and their ability to develop new solutions for their growing customer base in key verticals. Together we are operating at a unique scale in our industry, further enhancing Marchex's position as the leading conversational analytics company covering both voice and text."

"We are excited to combine our existing suite of call monitoring and analytics solutions with Marchex innovations," said Will Steinhoff, Callcap's president and CEO, in a statement. "Marchex has made significant advancements in AI, speech analytics, and sales acceleration products. We believe the solutions built off these advancements will return even greater value to more of our customers. This alliance creates a formidable team, delivering first ever technology-based and revenue-focused solutions for businesses of all sizes, across many of the most valuable verticals. I am very proud of our team and the brands we serve each day."