M&C Releases Four New Contact Center Management Services

Four new services are available from M&C which focus on increased efficiency, reliability, and further automating contact centers and IVR platforms. The offerings were designed specifically around allowing contact center management to make greater use of their existing contact center and IVR platforms.

M&C Associates announced its offering of four new services, all focused to increase efficiency, reliability, and further automate contact centers and IVR platforms, while ensuring optimum productivity.

The solutions are:

  • Avaya POM service, which implements automated outbound campaigns that can be sent by SMS texts, emails, phone alerts and notifications, agent-based predictive dialing, interactive services, or a combination.
  • Day-2 Support: For those with Avaya Aura Contact Center-AACC, provides high level service upon implementation cutover day to guarantee optimum efficiency for the contact center. Day-2 Support prepares contact center management to be more self-sufficient with ‘built-in tools’ and an escalation process.
  • iProWatch: An intelligent proactive monitoring service for IVR platforms and applications. Designed to reduce downtime, improve operational efficiency and increase system availability.  With iProWatch “sanity checks” are performed by default in 15 minute intervals for functionality and performance, and any potential problems on the IVR platform can be detected before business is impacted. It can even be highly customized to suit business operational needs such as: setting a disk alarm for when a disk is running low on space; sending a notification at the first sign of degradation on a critical process; or alerting loss of revenue when an application or operation inefficiency is detected.
  • M&C Associates’ Agent Screen Consolidator: Provides a way for agents to navigate a variety of legacy green-screen applications and Web services, all coming from dissimilar host data formats, and delivers them to a single source-the agent’s desktop for a unified appearance. When the agent can see the full lifecycle of the customer experience, quality service is delivered by the agent to the caller as a result of: shortened call time, special notes to the agent about the caller, and calls flow effectively.