Lyris Expands Real-Time Multichannel Marketing Capabilities

Lyris announced expanded real-time marketing capabilities across multiple digital channels with the latest release of Lyris Real-Time Retargeting application for Lyris HQ, a cloud-based email and digital messaging solution. The new capabilities include dynamic Web site and email content for product recommendations and open-time personalization, as well as Web behavior-based targeting capabilities using frequency and monetization segment criteria.

The company said that according to a recent eMarketer report, online shoppers abandon their digital shopping carts roughly two-thirds of the time – a level that has remained virtually unchanged over the past few years. There are many reasons for these high abandonment rates, including comparison shopping habits and offline distractions that prevent customers from completing a purchase. That makes it paramount for retailers to remarket to these customers, help them find what they are looking for, and ultimately, provide a better customer experience.

Lyris Real-Time Retargeting empowers marketers to achieve critical marketing program goals, including: 

   • Increased sales with real-time browse and cart abandonment remarketing, all within the optimal time to recapture business. 
   • Increased registration with form abandonment retargeting for any site process, e.g. account creation, applications, subscriptions, etc. 
   • Increased customer lifetime value with targeted post-purchase programs that combine best practice Web behavior analytics with demographic and preference data to deliver connected email communications. 
   • Increased average order value with product recommendations that can be dynamically inserted into remarketing email messages with just a few clicks. 
   • Increased online sales and engagement with Web site personalization that centrally orchestrates content feeds and allows them to be anywhere on the Web site.