LumenVox and VoiceTrust Merge

Speech software provider LumenVox and multifactor authentication software provider VoiceTrust have merged their operations.

This merger creates a single provider of speech technology and biometric authentication solutions, which include voice-, face-, and knowledge-based identity verification solutions.

"With the combination of LumenVox and VoiceTrust, we create a truly global provider of best-in-class speech and multifactor authentication solutions. Through this unique combination we enable our customers to maximize return on investment and meet the highest standards of customer experience, productivity, and security," said LumenVox CEO Edward Miller in a statement.

"This merger of equals results in an extensive technology company with broader and deeper capabilities and offers. We rank among the top companies in our field, with global sales and support, complemented by partners and channels that amplify our strength, value proposition, and market reach," said Bettina Stearn, managing director of VoiceTrust, in a statement.

The new company will be majority owned by Dutch private equity firm Ramphastos Investments.