LogMyCalls Releases New Features

LogMyCalls has unveiled upgrades to improve the call tracking experience for clients. LogMyCalls is used by businesses use to track keywords, campaigns and marketing channels that  generate phone calls. LogMyCalls uses speech recognition technology and algorithms to track marketing ROI, gather call analytics data, and automate marketing.

Some of the new and updated features include:

  • Whisper Message: A whisper message is a brief message announced to a phone rep. Phone reps are quickly prepped to handle the call by knowing the call source.
  • Call Recording On/Off: LogMyCalls users with the call recording feature now have the ability to disable call recording for selected call tracking routes.
  • New Manage Numbers User Interface: LogMyCalls has redesigned the Manage Numbers section to be more intuitive, giving users the ability to manage their call tracking routes with greater ease. New data columns give users a detailed snapshot of the call tracking routes, and editing shortcut icons make revising tracking number management much faster.

“These new features are critical to our clients—both agencies and enterprise businesses,” said CEO Jason Wells, in a statement. “Call recording on/off allows businesses sensitive to call recording—such as lawyers and financial businesses—to use call tracking. Whisper messages allow agencies to literally advertise to their clients every time the phone rings.”