LogMeIn Updates Bold360

LogMeIn today launched its latest version of Bold360 with a new set of real-time agent collaboration tools.

Bold360 is an intelligent customer engagement platform that helps companies connect with customers while also providing a real-time 360-degree view of the entire customer journey, including both artificial intelligence-based and agent-based interactions.

Building on previous Bold360 releases, these latest enhancements offer the following:

  • Hand-in-Hand Agent Collaboration. With Bold360 Discussions, an agent who is chatting with a customer can start a conversation with another agent or supervisor on the side to ask for assistance or clarification.
  • Support Swarming. An agent or supervisor can use Bold360's Join Chat capability to start a three-way collaborative conversation with the customer, allowing both support representatives to work together.
  • On the Job Coaching Assistance. The combination of Bold360 Discussions and Join Chat allows companies to bring agents up to speed faster with in-product support from other agents, subject matter experts, and supervisors.
  • Hands-On Bot Management. Bold360's Bot to Agent Chat Reassignment allows supervisors to intervene in ongoing AI conversations and reassign chats when human assistance would be beneficial.

"As customer expectations continue to increase, agents are finding it difficult to keep up with the ever-expanding engagement channels, limits of legacy systems, and the complexity of incoming queries," said Ryan Lester, director of customer engagement technologies at LogMeIn, in a statement. "While AI is certainly helping with much of this, we can't forget about the humans behind the bots. Artificial intelligence is perfectly suited for some things, but it isn't a replacement for human intelligence. Creating a best-in-class customer experience is about finding the right balance between the two. Today's announcement focuses on the agent and ensuring they have the tools and technologies to take on more complicated challenges and ultimately be human when humanity is needed most."