LogMeIn Revamps Multichannel Customer Software BoldChat

LogMeIn has unveiled a new release of BoldChat, its live chat and multichannel customer engagement software, to help businesses deliver customer experience for the rapidly growing number of mobile Web users.

Building on BoldChat's advanced mobile capabilities, the release introduces new ways for businesses to accelerate their mobile engagement strategies and customize simple live chat capabilities for mobile visitors.  As a result, businesses can interact with their customers on virtually any device, at the right time and in the right context to increase satisfaction and boost sales.

The new BoldChat mobile capabilities come as mobile Web usage continues to rise, changing both the behavior of consumers and the strategies businesses employ to address multichannel customer engagement. A recent global study by LogMeIn and the e-tailing group found mobile engagement flourishing. According to the research, which surveyed more than 5,800 mobile device owners in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, roughly 50 percent of mobile users engage businesses via their mobile devices. Approximately one in five people engage companies often or all the time on their mobile devices.

A separate study by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) found that only 25 percent of companies have a mobile customer service strategy in place while 62 percent see mobile customer service as a competitive differentiator.

"With the rise of mobile as a preferred channel, businesses are actively pivoting their customer engagement strategies to a mobile first approach, and we've focused our innovation to help accelerate those efforts," said Steve Castro-Miller, vice president, products, LogMeIn, in a statement.

New features in BoldChat include:

  • Layered chat windows offer an intuitive option for customers to browse and chat simultaneously, without having to switch between views or separate windows, by providing a transparent overlay on top of a browser page. The visitor can use familiar touch-based gestures to control chat based conversations on their terms, including minimizing the view and calling it back up on demand through a slide swipe or tap.

  • Businesses can quickly customize the look and feel of BoldChat's layered chat windows, out of the box, to match branding or UX elements without the need for additional costs or professional services.

  • Layered chat windows can be used by businesses across device types, including smartphones, tablets and computers to provide a common chat experience, or they can be used solely for mobile interactions.
  • Quick Mobile Identification and Automated Multi-lingual Support:
  • A mobility indicator alerts customer service agents that a customer is engaging them from a mobile device, so the agent can modify the speed, length, and context of their response.
  • Chat windows and related commands automatically detect browser language preferences, regardless of device type, display local language commands and ensure that specific language chat sessions are routed to appropriate customer service experts.

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