LogMeIn Enhnces Bold360

LogMeIn has enhanced its Bold360 artificial intelligence-powered customer engagement suite with better access to information, real-time guidance, and knowledge management tools.

"Agents know what makes customers happy, but they need better tools to deliver that experience and data to show them how to improve," said Ryan Lester, senior director of customer engagement technologies at LogMeIn, in a statement. "With these Bold360 updates we're able to empower agents with data: both the data they need to better serve customers and the data they need step up their own performance. The end result is greater productivity and, therefore, greater happiness among customers and agents."

Bold360's new features aggregate information from disparate systems to deliver actionable insights. They include the following:

  • Dynamic Customer Information Card, allowing agents to see more real-time customer activity (such as adding items to a shopping cart);
  • Agent Statistics, with visibility into key metrics, such as number of chats answered and customer satisfaction (CSAT) with the level of service the agent provided, directly in the agent workspace; and
  • Visitor Blocking, to let agents stop communication with customers who conduct themselves improperly.

"In today's fast-paced world, what makes your company stand apart in the market is how you provide customers an enhanced experience. We wanted to equip our agents with a suite of productivity tools that empowers them to be efficient, resolving issues quickly while optimizing customer service," said Brandon Davis, customer service manager at Liberty Safe, in a statement. "With Bold360, our agents have a unified view of all customer interactions, giving them the transparency into previous discussions to streamline the conversation and get to a resolution faster."