LogMeIn Enhances Bold360 with Optimized Workflows

LogMeIn has enhanced its artificial intelligence-powered Bold360 contact center suite. From aggregating valuable information to more advanced agent monitoring, the latest features are designed to drive operational efficiencies.

"Changing customer expectations are shifting the dynamic of customer service teams across the board. In particular, a supervisor's role is evolving from task master and policy enforcer to coach and strategic decision-maker," said Ryan Lester, senior director of customer engagement technologies at LogMeIn, in a statement. "With these latest updates, Bold360 supports the demands of their evolving roles and ensures they spend less time navigating systems and more time guiding their agents to better serve customers."

The latest improvements to Bold360 include the following:

  • Improved knowledge management with Bold360's Search Optimizer to help knowledge and content managers identify gaps and quickly address them, all within a single interface. New functionality includes search and filter capabilities on customer intents; a task-driven interface to manage unanswered, answered, channeled, and muted intents; the ability to create articles for unresolved intents directly in the Search Optimizer; and the ability to add additional phrasings to an article directly from an unresolved intent.
  • An updated Monitor View that arms supervisors with faster access to information. With one click, supervisors can see the full content of live chats, chatbot engagements, emails, SMS texts, and messaging channels like Facebook Messenger.
  • Better workload organization with a new chat flagging feature that lets agents mark engagements and come back to them later if they need to follow up with a customer or request supervisor review. Additionally, the Monitor View for supervisors can be filtered by agent flags so supervisors can keep tabs on open engagements.
  • ISO 27001 certification and new security controls with IP Whitelisting for Agent Logins, which lets administrators restrict the networks agents can access from the Bold360 Web Workspace.