LiveVox Introduces LiveVox Bot

LiveVox, a provider of cloud-based customer service and digital engagement tools, has launched LiveVox Bot, an intelligent virtual assistant pre-built into its messaging channels and Unified CRM.

With the LiveVox Bot, companies can create and deploy virtual assistants in minutes using the point-and-click Bot Editor, while also drawing from the rich customer profiles already available in the platform, to facilitate targeted conversations. As part of LiveVox's integrated contact center solution, customers can transition from bot conversation to live agent and continue the conversation across preferred channels.

Key Features of the LiveVox Bot include the following:

  • Virtual Assistant;
  • A Bot Editor; and
  • Analytics that provide insight into customer engagement rates and goals completed, such as how often the Virtual Assistant successfully completes customer requests or gathers key data from new applicants; and
  • Real-time dashboards that show how customers are engaging with the virtual assistant and the most popular conversation paths.

"The LiveVox Bot is another example of the exciting innovations and developments being implemented into our already extensive offering for the contact center," said LiveVox CEO Louis Summe in a statement. "At LiveVox we pride ourselves on providing a truly omnichannel approach to customer engagement, and the LiveVox Bot will serve as a key capability as digitization continues to change the way organizations communicate with their customers."