LiveVox Integrates Aspect Workforce Management in Cloud-Based Platform

Aspect Software and LiveVox announced that Aspect EQ Workforce Management is now available directly from LiveVox in the Aspect Cloud and pre-integrated with the LiveVox platform.

The combined solution accelerates and simplifies the integration between these cloud platforms resulting in a highly efficient contact center able to manage outbound, inbound and self-service interactions while using the right number of agents with the right skills at the right time.

The Aspect-LiveVox solution delivers contact center capabilities via a simple cloud, operating expense model to:

  • Accurately project staffing requirements, incorporating statistics from actual outbound and inbound calling campaigns;
  • Create efficient multi-skill staffing plans;
  • Monitor real-time adherence and compare staff performance versus plan;
  • Adjust resources to meet changing demand in real-time.

“Aspect EQ Workforce Management gives customers all of the benefits of cloud delivery, including being able to convert capital expenditures to operating expenditures, enabling rapid scalability, eliminating software and hardware maintenance, while providing the lowest possible total cost of ownership,” said Mike Bourke, senior vice president and general manager, Aspect, in a statement. “Now any sized contact center can experience the benefits of a feature-rich, flexible and scalable workforce management solution.”

Using Aspect EQ Workforce Management with LiveVox capabilities, contact centers can take advantage of a rich set of advanced outbound WFM features such as multiple trial schedules for testing new outbound calling scenarios and complex employee preferences to accommodate agent personal schedules.

Companies can also obtain ROI benefits such as:

  • Reducing the time and effort to produce customized forecasts and schedules by as much as 20 to 40 percent, freeing supervisor time to focus on improved quality and training.
  • Improving agent satisfaction with self-scheduling capabilities which increases retention and is shown to also contribute to higher customer call quality ratings.
  • Optimizing staffing levels to match real-time needs and consequently trimming over and under-scheduled shifts by as much as 20-30 percent.