LiveVox Debuts TCPA Risk Mitigation Suite for Contact Centers

LiveVox, a provider of cloud contact center solutions for enterprise operations, announced its latest compliance-focused offering, LiveVox’s Four Clouds, a TCPA Risk Mitigation Suite.

The suite consists of four independent, enterprise-grade dialing systems (Manual, Preview-All, Human Call Initiator and Automated) that provide contact centers with the ability to cost-effectively and rapidly optimize the trade-off between risk and efficiency for each business strategy.

Leveraging LiveVox’s cloud architecture, each dialing system is separated at both the hardware and software levels, and is designed to achieve autonomy between systems in order to address recent TCPA case-law concerns. Each system in the Four Clouds suite is configured on-demand and offered as part of LiveVox’s contact center solution offerings at no additional cost.

“As the TCPA and CFPB continue to redefine compliance, contact center leaders have been left facing campaign efficiency or risk mitigation,” said LiveVox CMO, John McNamara, in a statement. “LiveVox’s Four Clouds essentially removes this singular path and provides options that are available on-demand and do not require large investments in time and cost. Regardless of where the compliance market shifts next, the key competitive advantage that this suite provides is the ability to have options ready to go and without sacrificing budget or other resources.

Additional Benefits of the Cloud Compliance Suite:

  • Provides compliance controls to all systems, helping also address key CFPB concerns (100 percent call recording, account and phone penetration controls, time-zone settings).
  • Achieves significantly greater levels of agent efficiencies by leveraging key cloud-enabled capabilities (e.g. capacity bursting/pacing/load balancing, global ACD, virtual configurations).
  • Retains LiveVox’s integrated core contact center functions within each system (ACD, IVR, Call recording, Business Analytics, and simplified third party integrations).
  • Maintains security and redundancy across all systems. (PCI certification, carrier-backed SLAs).
  • Reacts quickly to the ever changing compliance requirements by leveraging the cloud (agile LiveVox R&D team, and short release life cycle).

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