LivePerson Launches LiveEngage for Bots

LivePerson, a provider of cloud mobile and online business messaging solutions, has launched LiveEngage for Bots, a bot management platform.

Designed to run multiple bots at scale, LiveEngage for Bots is an extension of LivePerson's LiveEngage platform and allows companies to deploy, manage, and measure bots in one place, directly alongside human workers. It offers increased transparency into what bots are doing and serves as an additional layer of intelligence into AI, with real-time analytics and workflow that help businesses understand the effectiveness of bots in their customer care. As they watch bot conversations in real time, they can jump in if needed.

"Many brands launching their early bot experiments have been in the dark about how the bots were engaging with customers and only able to understand the aftermath by reading through chat transcripts, long after the fact," said Rob LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson, in a statement. "That's the wrong way to manage a consumer's experience. LiveEngage for Bots allows businesses to manage bots like they do human staff, the same measures, the same connection to operations, and to automatically hand off to humans when an issue they can't resolve is detected. This is the way bots have to work at scale."

LiveEngage for Bots supports bots from both third-party developers or ones that companies develop themselves, and LivePerson has partnered with leading bot and AI providers. Major companies already on the platform include Toshiba, NextIT, Rebotify, BotCentral, GetJenny, and Chatfuel.

"Platforms like LiveEngage for Bots are a testament to the quickly growing bots ecosystem," said Dmitry Dumik, CEO at Chatfuel, in a statement. "As bot technology becomes increasingly prevalent, the industry needs tools and platforms that can help companies leverage it efficiently. We are committed to continuously supporting these platforms, like LiveEngage for Bots, and fostering the bot community."

"We are very excited to be included as an early partner in the LiveEngage for Bots ecosystem," said Eswar Priyadarshan, co-founder and CEO of BotCentral, in a statement. Our Task Bots will help automate routine tasks under agent supervision, thereby freeing agents to tackle more interesting and challenging issues."

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Posted June 16, 2017