LiveOps and Drumbi Offer Visual IVR to the Multichannel Cloud Contact Center

Cloud contact center and customer service solutions provider LiveOps has teamed up with Drumbi, a visual IVR and mobile customer experience technology provider to launch Drumbi SmartIVR to compliment LiveOps multichannel, cloud contact center platform.

The API for the Drumbi visual IVR is optimized for the Web, SMS, iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile. A call can be initiated from a Web site, SMS, email or phone. The call menu is displayed based on the customer’s context such as time of day, location, language preferences, and prior usage. The customer will be shown a phone number and once that number is dialed, Drumbi will initiate both voice and data sessions to begin gathering customer information and intelligently routing the call to the best agent available on the LiveOps Platform. This combination of numerical and letter characters enables brands to collect the type of information needed from the caller that adds context to the call.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Scheduled customer call-back, based on contact center availability. This eliminates the need for CSRs to make outbound calls and leave voicemails. Customers may be notified to opt in to a call directly with a CSR when ready.
  • Capture and relay of a customer’s data and context. This creates a personalized and shorter call when needed. The contact center agent receiving the inbound communication can get location information from the customer’s mobile phone’s GPS (with customer approval). With location information combined with LiveOps intelligent routing, the brand can route the customer to an agent who is geographically closest to the customer or identify nearby resources.
  • Custom integration with knowledge management, FAQ or CRM systems including LiveOps Platform’s built-in CRM Lite. The CRM integration can provide more granular information about the customer, including customer history with the brand, to help the agent provide a better customer experience, including shortening the call handle time.