LiveOps Cloud Becomes Serenova

LiveOps Cloud, a contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) provider, today revealed a new corporate identity with the introduction of Serenova.

The corporate rebrand comes as Serenova completes a nearly year-long separation from its former parent company, LiveOps, to focus exclusively on delivering software that connects data, people, and companies. The company's CCaaS portfolio enhances global queuing, routing, and reporting of multichannel customer interactions

"This change comes at a critical inflection point in the contact center space and better aligns our vision, energy, and commitment with the direction of the global market," said Vasili Triant, CEO of Serenova, in a statement. "The contact center is shifting from a cost center perception to become the revenue, retention, and loyalty engine for the enterprise as brands focus on customer experience as a key differentiator. Cloud adoption is essential to this transformation, but companies also need laser-focused expertise to help solve for complex, multinational deployments and siloed digital engagement. Our new name and mission underscore both this turning point in our industry and our commitment to providing that expertise."

The move to Serenova is accompanied by a comprehensive rebrand for the company, which also launched today.

"The last decade has seen unprecedented change in consumer technology, preference, and behavior that has completely shifted the strategy and expectation for how brands interact with their customers and markets," said Baker Johnson, senior vice president of marketing at Serenova, in a statement. "But the technology and complexity associated with addressing these changes has left many customer experience leaders feeling overwhelmed and burdened by technical debt. So we ultimately distilled our new brand down to two essential concepts that we felt best align us to the market needs: simple and bright."

"The contact center has always been the focal point for customer experience, providing both revenue generation and protection," said Sheila McGee-Smith, principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, in a statement. "First as LiveOps Cloud and now as Serenova, this company has played a key role in the evolution and maturation of the CCaaS market. With an all-new product, CxEngage, and now a new revitalized brand, I look forward to seeing what transformative innovation comes next from Serenova."

LiveOps originally built its CCaaS solution in 2000 to support the home-based agent services/contact center business process outsourcing business, which now supports up to 20,000 agents across the United States. Serenova (formerly LiveOps Cloud) spun into a SaaS division in 2009 to sell the CCaaS externally. It then completed a divestiture to Marlin Equity Partners in late 2015 to become a stand-alone company.

Launched in March, Serenova's newest solution, CxEngage, was built from the ground-up as an API-first solution leveraging the Amazon Web Services microservices-based architecture. With this technology, agents can engage with a customer via any channel and pivot to another channel while maintaining context.