LiveOps Announces CTI Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Unified Service Desk

LiveOps has released LiveOps for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. LiveOps for Microsoft Dynamics CRM will integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Unified Service Desk to deliver multichannel cloud contact center functionality.

“Eighty-nine percent of consumers believe it is important to be able to communicate with brands on any channel and still receive the same quality and efficiency of response,” said Jujhar Singh, general manager of program management, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in a statement. “We designed Microsoft Dynamics CRM Unified Service Desk to provide a unified experience for agents to deliver efficient and effective interactions across all channels.”

LiveOps will offer voice and Web chat capabilities to complement advanced multichannel, social cloud contact center capabilities delivered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM Unified Service Desk. This CTI integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM further enhances the solution’s customer service capabilities by giving agents access to integrated contact center applications, as well as empowering managers to monitor and optimize inbound and outbound customer interactions to improve key metrics for customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

LiveOps for Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides functionality that enable brands to better connect with customers across traditional and mobile voice channels. With features such as screen pop, call control, embedded phone and chat panel, on-screen click-to-dial, integrated call recording and LiveOps’ multichannel routing, agents are able to deliver personalized customer experiences and first contact resolution, while increasing productivity, reducing costs and maximizing CRM investments.

“This new solution embodies the vision and force of two cloud leaders to deliver exceptional customer experiences,” said Marty Beard, chairman and CEO, LiveOps, in a statement. "In doing so, we are expanding the army of super agents who work to achieve first contact resolution across all channels. In turn, customers will receive a better experience and brands will see an increase in customer lifetime value.”