LiveLOOK’s TrueView Improves Agent Co-Browsing Customer Service Experience

LiveLOOK, a provider of co-browsing technology, has released TrueView, a feature that can be used to adjust the agent's view of a customer's screen to match the customer's browser sizing exactly, even resizing in real-time if the customer changes the size of his browser window.

This significantly improves over existing HTML-based co-browsing solutions, the company said, which recreates the customer's view for an agent without accounting for how the customer's browser window is sized and how that sizing affects the way Web site content is displayed to the customer. For example, resizing can trigger different layouts optimized for various screen sizes, or it can require scrolling to view and access site content. Without the ability to view a screen exactly the way it is being displayed to a customer, agents risk frustrating customers by giving directions that are difficult to follow.

“We heard from our customers that even though co-browsing was helping get agents and online visitors on the same page, at times there was still some confusion when content was being displayed a little differently for the customer than how the agent was seeing it due to window sizing," said Igor Khalatian, CEO, LiveLOOK, in a statement. "TrueView solves this problem by sizing the agent's window to exactly match the customer's, so if the agent needs a customer to scroll up or down or left or right, he knows to communicate that."

In June, LiveLOOK was acquired by Oracle, which already had over 100 global customers using LiveLOOK’s co-browsing technology as an embedded part of Oracle Service Cloud offering.

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Other updates include Web browsing history, improved skills-based routing, and policy automation.

Posted February 05, 2015