LiveChat Launches HelpDesk Online Ticketing System

LiveChat, a provider of online business communications, today launched HelpDesk to help companies manage customer service via email.

HelpDesk has been equipped with features that analyze customers' issues and provide solutions to them.

The HelpDesk solution enables customers to leave messages for companies by using dedicated email addresses. It's also possible for team members to create tickets if customer queries came from other communication channels, such as LiveChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or a phone call.

All inquiries are collected as tickets and assigned with the appropriate statuses and categories within the application. Users can see which tickets are open, pending, or solved. The application also stores customer profiles and the history of their previous messages.

HelpDesk also supports team collaboration with a feature that lets users assign tickets to specific individuals or groups. HelpDesk then sends email notifications to them.

Users can provide canned responses with pre-built templates.

HelpDesk is available as a desktop and mobile application.