LiveChat Brings BotEngine Out of Beta

After six months in beta, LiveChat has added rich messages, two types of matching systems, and API documentation to its BotEngine chatbot building software.

During beta tests, LiveChat recorded nearly half a million bot conversations.

"From the very beginning, our main goal for BotEngine is to develop the simplest process of creating conversational interfaces," said Mariusz Cieply, CEO of LiveChat, in a statement.

BotEngine is focused on no-coding, one-click integrations, and the freedom to create scenarios for any business situation. Users can write their own bot scenarios or use ready-to-implement templates.

One new feature added during the beta phase was rich messages that allow for the creation of conversational scenarios in which bots can reply with text, images, cards, or buttons that lead to specific websites. Users can also add action responses.

While creating bot scenarios, users can choose one of two offered matching systems based on machine learning or keywords.

BotEngine can be used with Facebook Messenger, LiveChat,, and Slack or as a chat widget on a website, with more integrations planned.

BotEngine costs $50 for 1,000 conversations per month and also includes all platform features, an unlimited number of bot scenarios, and a chat widget. After users reach the 1,000-conversation limit, the charge is one cent per conversation.

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