Lionbridge Launches GeoFluent for Enterprise Service Management

Lionbridge Technologies has launched GeoFluent for Enterprise Service Management, an omnichannel translation and interpretation solution that enables organizations to provide multilingual helpdesk and service support while eliminating language barriers across communications channels, from chat and ticketing to voice and knowledge base.

Lionbridge also introduced GeoFluent for ServiceNow, a certified integration between its customizable real-time translation solution and ServiceNow Connect and Incident Management. Available in the ServiceNow Store, the pre-built connection enables service management staff to chat and support tickets across more than 100 languages using their existing ServiceNow platform.

The GeoFluent platform includes the following three modules:

  • GeoFluent Virtual Translator, which adds support for more than 100 languages to existing self-service and agent-assisted digital communications platforms, including chat, email, and ticketing. GeoFluent Virtual Translator includes an AI-based core that is customized and trained specifically for each client and understands the context and unique brand, channel, use case acronyms and terminology.
  • GeoFluent Interpreter, which provides over-the-phone (OPI) interpretation support for more than 350 languages.
  • GeoFluent Translate, which provides a self-service and secure way to translate virtually any file or document type.

GeoFluent for Enterprise Service Management is the newest solution in the GeoFluent platform. In 2016, Lionbridge introduced GeoFluent for Contact Centers, a suite of applications and services tailored to meet the real-time, multilingual communications needs of customer care organizations.

"It's a significant challenge for service desks to communicate effectively across languages, channels, geographies, and time zones. GeoFluent for Enterprise Service Management eliminates that complexity by leveraging unified interpretation and custom-trained AI-based translation to existing communications platforms and channels. This platform- and channel-agnostic approach allows service desks to cost-effectively eliminate language barriers, wherever they exist," said Tom Tseki, vice president and general manager of customer care solutions at Lionbridge, in a statement.