Limitless Launches Secure Access to Expand GigCX

Gig customer service platform provider Limitless today launched Secure Access issue resolution functionality to enhance security across gig customer service and enable GigCX experts to resolve 100 percent of contacts with a new level of GigCX Expert (the Pro) and providing secure access to client systems.

To date, GigCX Experts have focused mainly on handling inquiries that do not require access to client systems to resolve. With Secure Access, GigCX Pro Experts are subject to higher identity and compliance checks, permitting them to process relevant personal data. Only GigCX Experts who pass these higher levels and complete specific learning are eligible to become GigCX Pro Experts.

Pro Experts can securely access relevant systems by locking down their devices, securing their connections, and working in approved secure environments. Limitless routes tickets to either GigCX Expert or GigCX Pro, depending on the intent analysis.

Together, GigCX Experts and GigCX Pro Experts can solve 100 percent of digital contacts, with outcome-based pricing.

"The launch of Secure Access issue resolution functionality by Limitless aligns with the growing focus on improving customer experience in 2023," said Mila D'Antonio, principal analyst for customer experience at Omdia, in a statement. "By providing Secure Access to client systems and enabling GigCX experts to resolve 100 percent of contacts, Limitless can lead to improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs for companies, contributing to the overall goal of enhancing CX."

"Secure Access is helping companies to tap into a new segment of the work that GigCX can do. Across the Limitless customer base, companies are demanding GigCX to do more across their entire CX estate as a result of the amazing results and agility of the Expert crowd. Our customers already know that the model can provide better service and reduce costs, and they want to see it used across more areas of their business," said Limitless CEO and co-founder Roger Beadle in a statement.