LightBound Launches Cloud Contact Center

LightBound has added Cloud Contact Center, an advanced call center management system, to its Integrated Voice portfolio.

The Cloud Contact Center solution leverages a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model for a customizable automated delivery of calls, automated call distrbutor, chat, interactive voice response, workforce management, computer-telephony integration, reports, recordings, remote agents, disaster recovery, and more.

"Our secret sauce, in one word, is integrated," said Dane Dittemore, vice president of sales and marketing of LightBound, in a statement. "Buying server hardware, software, contracting with telco companies for dial tone/SIP trunking, staffing to manage, wondering where your 24x7 support is coming from, and hiring external contractors are now a thing of the past. It's a no-muss, no-fuss solution. We're delivering VoIP the way it was meant to be delivered long ago. The best part is that this is a complementary bolt-on product to any phone system you may have today."

As part of LightBound's Integrated Voice portfolio, LightBound's Cloud Contact Center is bundled with dial tone/DIDs, number porting, a 24X7 network operations center for support, fiber connectivity (where available), and on-site implementation and training.

"This solution is truly unique. You get all the components for delivery of voice packets from a single provider--a provider that specializes in delivery of voice and data packets," said Jack Carr, CEO of LightBound, in a statement. "This makes for an easier implementation, a better user experience, and better outcomes. No longer do you need to manage invoices from several vendors, struggle with hiring external companies to manage changes to the PBX rules, or deal with the frustrations that come with cumbersome hardware/firmware changes. The heartbeat of your call center is now offsite and out of mind."