LeapXpert Expands to Voice Calls

LeapXpert has launched the LeapXpert Communications Platform, built on its Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform, extending from messaging to voice support.

The LeapXpert Communications Platform provides a single corporate identity for engaging third parties through consumer messaging applications, SMS, and now voice calls.

New capabilities include the following:

  • Voice recording and archiving of incoming and outgoing voice calls (PSTN and VoIP) using LeapXpert mobile/desktop applications, third-party voice applications such as Microsoft Teams Phone, and native voice channels (mobile carriers, cloud telephony providers), for regulatory compliance and enterprise data governance.
  • Native integration with Microsoft Teams, enabling employees to communicate with clients and external partners on consumer messaging apps from within Microsoft Teams and call them through Teams Phone.
  • Choice of user experiences and enterprise controls, allowing users to choose whether they want to communicate with clients through dedicated enterprise apps or continue using consumer messaging.

"This is a big day for LeapXpert, its customers, and the market," said Dima Gutzeit, founder and CEO of LeapXpert, in a statement. "Customers are fed up with having multiple solutions for messaging or voice and are seeking support for growing channels like iMessage and open platforms to integrate with multiple legacy systems. We believe what we've developed will soon become the gold standard for responsible business communication."