Kustomer Launches App Marketplace

Kustomer today launched the Kustomer App Marketplace, a curated set of applications and integrations that can be added to the Kustomer platform for a unified, omnichannel customer experience.>

"Businesses are racing to integrate new communications channels, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and other innovations to create seamless, bespoke customer experiences at every step in the customer journey. This can be challenging when legacy technologies and complex integrations get in the way," said Brad Birnbaum, co-founder and CEO of Kustomer, which was recently acquired by Facebook. "With the new App Marketplace, we are making it easy for businesses to extend the value of their Kustomer CRM platform with plug and play apps that modernize and unify omnichannel operations. Businesses can now tame their CX 'frankenstack,' creating the seamless, agile operations they need to connect in more ways with more customers."

The Kustomer Marketplace offers the following features:

  • One-click install apps;
  • Full CX ecosystem integrations;
  • A single view of the customer at agents' fingertips;
  • Centralized tools management through one central marketplace where admins can install, integrate and maintain third-party apps with the Kustomer CRM platform; and
  • A comprehensive app development platform and resources to join an established marketplace of qualified buyers.

"Streamlined operations and unified customer experience are imperatives today as businesses scale to deliver more personalized service on tighter budgets," said Vasili Triant, chief operating officer at UJET, in a statement "We are proud to be selected as one of the first apps featured in the Kustomer App Marketplace and believe it will become an essential hub for businesses looking to build the modern CX operations needed to serve today's increasingly digital and mobile consumers."