Kustomer Adds to KustomerIQ

Kustomer, providers of a cloud-based customer service platform, has added features to KustomerIQ, its artificial intelligence engine embedded across the Kustomer CRM platform.

Kustomer IQ leverages machine learning to get to the root of customer needs and drive results across responses, routing, and analytics. Kustomer IQ also offers customer deflection tools across web, chat, and email channels.

"KustomerIQ delivers quicker and more accurate results to customer service inquiries by leveraging sophisticated machine learning models. Our intelligence tools help companies efficiently automate and scale communication without compromising accuracy, whether it's routing inbound requests to the right team or measuring a customer's sentiment," said Brad Birnbaum, CEO and co-founder of Kustomer, in a statement. "This increase in speed and overall quality experiences translates into more satisfied and loyal customers, which every business needs right now."

Kustomer IQ includes the following new features:

  • Automated Self-Service, with native omnichannel deflection capabilities that provide content to customers from an organization's Knowledge Base prior to agent intervention;
  • Intent Identification, with machine learning that analyzes and classifies inbound conversations;
  • Agent Recommendations, with machine learning that analyzes customer messages and suggests relevant help articles and policy content;
  • Global Language Detection, featuring natural language processing and powered by Amazon Comprehend;
  • Sentiment Analysis, with machine learning that analyzes messages and recognizes exactly how customers are feeling, assigning a sentiment score to help agents mirror emotions, and calm frustrations; and
  •  Natural Language Processing Chatbot (coming soon), leveraging NLP and the advanced CRM data model in the Kustomer platform to offer automated information gathering and human-like levels of customer service to company conversations.

Kustomer IQ is being offered in three tiers: Kustomer IQ Lite, Kustomer IQ, and Kustomer IQ+. Kustomer IQ includes all of the features above. Kustomer IQ+, coming soon, will provide an AI-powered chatbot capable of conducting two-way dialogue via live chat and recognize customers based on custom object data. Kustomer IQ Lite includes global language detection and sentiment analysis.

"Kustomer IQ has had a tremendous impact on my team's efficiency. Machine learning instantly identifies the purpose of every inbound conversation, then intelligently routes each customer to a specific team based on their contact reason, such as orders, returns, or clean out. Rather than spend time manually routing conversations, my team can focus on delivering personalized service and resolving issues quickly to decrease customer effort," said Emily Marcogliese, head of customer service at ThredUp, in a statement.