Kindle Mayday Response Time Clocks in at 9.75 Seconds

Amazon announced today that the Mayday button on the Kindle Fire HDX is the most popular way for users to contact technical support, and delivers an average response time of just 9.75 seconds.

“When we set out to invent the Mayday button, we wanted to revolutionize tech support—and we’re happy to report it’s working.” said Scott Brown, director, Amazon customer service, in a statement. “Seventy-five percent of customer contacts for Fire HDX now come via the Mayday button.

When users tap the Mayday button they are connected to an Amazon tech advisor on their Kindle Fire HDX. The advisor can guide customers through any feature on the device by drawing on the screen, giving the user directions so that he can fix the problem himself, or fixing the problem for the customer.

Amazon advisors also fulfill some unusual requests such as singing happy birthday to someone as they were receiving a Fire HDX from their boyfriend, or getting customers to another level in Angry Birds.

Throughout help session users can see an Amazon tech advisor live on their screen, but the advisor can’t see the consumer. Mayday is available for free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.