Kampyle Releases NebulaCX Voice of the Customer Solution

Kampyle, a voice of the customer (VoC) solutions provider, has released NebulaCX, its next-generation voice of the customer platform with greater support for digital channels, including Web sites, mobile apps, and email, and in-store applications.

NebulaCX includes the Engagement Studio, enabling customer experience professionals to create engaging, fully branded, and smart feedback forms. A dynamic content builder personalizes forms on-the-fly based on customer input. Segmentation and user profiling capabilities  enable companies to target specific personas in relevant customer journeys with relevant content to collect the right feedback.

Real-time detailed dashboards and reports provide immediate visibility into customer experience and highlight positive and negative user experiences. One-click integrations with analytics tools allow customer experience professionals to overlay feedback data on top of analytics data and enhance the deep insights gathered by NebulaCX. APIs and data export functionality helps companies connect NebulaCX data to internal systems.

NebulaCX also provides a rule engine that enables customer experience professionals to respond to feedback based on a predefined set of rules. The real-time routing engine evaluates feedback and forwards key insight to the right team within the organization. Smart integrations allow companies to trigger automated activities based on feedback, such as support tickets, CRM updates, and more.