Journey Integrates with Five9 and Cisco Webex, a cybersecurity software business, has partnered with Five9, a provider of cloud contact center software, and Webex by Cisco, a provider of collaboration technologies.

Journey's integrated identify platform is now available to Five9 customers via the Five9 CX Marketplace and to Webex Contact Center customers on the Webex App Hub.

Five9 customers can now integrate biometric, passwordless authentication capabilities into their contact center systems. With Journey's capabilities, customers interacting with contact centers can authenticate using the sensors on their smartphones. Journey's technology also allows Five9 customers to add step-up authentication options like e-forms to exchange sensitive personal data, device data, and many other authenticators..

Similarly, Journey's Agent Authentication capabilities enable businesses to log in agents daily using a simple face scan to replace passwords. Journey's ;continuous biometric agent authentication can also alleviate the challenges of mismatched time-to-live tokens on certain agent applications.

Journey is also giving Five9 customers access to the full array of Journey's identity solutions for hundreds of use cases, including digital disclosures, e-signatures, and more complex and risky transactions like secure wire transfers, loan applications, outbound campaigns, and more.

"With these new capabilities, Five9 customers have an easy path to a cloud-based contact center that delivers higher security, vastly improved efficiency, and enhanced customer experience," said Brian Bitsky, senior director of partnerships at Five9, in a statement.

"We are delighted to partner with Five9 on this innovative approach to helping premise-based contact centers access some of the transformative capabilities that cloud contact centers can access," said Brett Shockley, CEO of Journey, in a statement. "Together, we will help customers innovate simply and cost-effectively and quickly."

The Cisco Webex partnership, meanwhile, will streamline customer experience and enhance security for businesses that use Webex Contact Center.

"Webex by Cisco puts such a strong focus on security and on customer experience," Shockley said. "With the new Journey integration, Webex Contact Center customers can elevate their security, privacy, and compliance while also significantly enhancing customer experience."