JitBit Launches Helpdesk Mobile App

JitBit today launched a new version of its JitBit Helpdesk Mobile App with a more user-friendly interface resembling Slack, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. The revamped ticket page centered around a chat-like design helps with localizing, following, and replying to support tickets.

The app was reprogrammed from the ground up, eliminating past bugs and incorporating new features, such as fast login with a Google account. Users can now write new replies while viewing the ticket on a single screen. New filters and search options allow users to choose exactly what they want to display. At just a glance, they can be directed to hotspots that require their attention.

"We are focusing on things that matter the most to our clients. Instead of striving for a flashy app that turns into a marketing tool with bells and whistles, we are introducing a functional tool that people will enjoy working with every day," said Alexander Yumashev, co-founder and CEO of JitBit, in a statement. "This way, customer service can become the daily bread of every company, no matter its size."