Jabra Offers Cisco Finesse Contact Center Headset Integration

Audio and communications technology specialist Jabra has integrated its contact center headset portfolio with the Cisco Finesse platform. Jabra now offers customizable control box functions through the new Jabra Contact Center Agent App for systems running on the Cisco Finesse servers, including Cisco Contact Center Enterprise, Cisco Package Contact Center Enterprise, and Cisco Contact Center Express using Finesse as the agent and supervisor desktop.

The new Jabra Contact Center App enables agents to control frequently used call features directly from their Jabra headset control boxes.

The Jabra Contact Center Agent App, which is installed directly onto the agent PC, helps contact center agents change Ready/Not Ready state by pressing a dedicated button on the control unit of the headset. It also enables call recording at the touch of a button on the headset, which means any sensitive calls can be recorded immediately. This feature ensures any relevant calls can be documented for analysis or training purposes.

Moreover, the Jabra Contact Center Agent App allows contact center agents to sign off from work with one click on the Jabra headset.

"Once again, Jabra is bringing a leading market solution in the form of integration with Cisco's Finesse platform. Jabra fully appreciates the fast-moving nature of the contact center of today, as agents are constantly seeking solutions that offer their customers a better call experience. Using Jabra's professional audio devices means agents can get the most out of their Cisco Finesse system. Jabra and Cisco will continue to work closely together in order to continue exceeding customer expectations," Holger Reisinger, senior vice president of Jabra Business Solutions, said in a statement.