Introspex Releases Real-Time Customer Experience Management Mobile App

Introspex, a provider of non-intrusive mobile application performance and customer experience management solutions, has emerged from stealth mode with a patent-pending mobile application experience optimization solution.  

Introspex returns application performance information to developers and marketers in real-time, without interfering with the application code. Through the Introspex Observation Layer, Introspex provides the essential information developers need to make their applications more effective with every iteration.

Additionally, Introspex provides measurable performance and customer information for developers, marketers and operations specialists so that mobile apps can be optimized for the best customer experience and performance.  Unlike other mobile experience management solutions, Introspex is nonintrusive and requires zero code instrumentation or injection, thereby making it easy for developers to quickly iterate application versions without the risk associated with embedding and monitoring extra code.

The solution features:

  • Introspex post compile wrapping for enterprise applications means that there is no need for individual application instrumentation and release.
  • Introspex has been architected to be a full SaaS solution with no need for any on-premise support.
  • Introspex enables a seamless app transition from the development team to the operations and marketing teams.
  • Introspex output is fully configurable without the need for an SDK.
  • Introspex supports both iOS and Android
  • Provides real-time visibility into third-party software solutions that affect application performance enabling developers to pinpoint and solve app performance issues.

"Managing mobile applications has become business critical for online businesses and enterprises alike. Introspex correlates mobile application performance to top-line growth by bridging the actual customer experience and behavior to the actual conversion,” said Introspex chairman Ali Hedayati, in a statement. “This bridge is built at the first phase of application development and is used as a model to quickly iterate and optimize apps for performance, user experience and results." 

The Introspex solution is highly scalable and is proven with commercial customers including the one of nation’s largest bricks and mortar retailers who is expanding their mobile application capabilities and fast growing online retailers. The company is also working with the nation's largest healthcare insurer and provider.  A free trial version of Introspex is available at the company’s Web site.

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Posted August 21, 2014