Intercom Launches Customizable Inbox With Apps

Intercom, providers of a customer messaging platform, today launched a customizable Inbox with apps that brings all of the information and tools sales and support teams need into one place.

Featuring 19 apps built with partners like Stripe,, Zendesk, Jira, and Shopify, Inbox provides teams the right context alongside every customer conversation, triggers actions in external tools with just one click, and syncs data across tech stacks.

Apps from Intercom include the Stripe app, which lets support reps upgrade subscriptions or look up payment histories in one click without leaving the current conversation.

"We're excited to work with Intercom to help internet-first companies increase their velocity while providing better support to their customers," said Bob Rosin, Stripe's head of partnerships, in a statement. "Payment information is often critical context for providing superb support, as customers have time-sensitive questions about things like the status of their subscriptions, billing history, or future payments. Now, teams using Intercom will have all the relevant customer information from Stripe visible next to their conversation, making it faster and easier to answer questions or even update a customer's subscription on the fly."

"Adding apps to Inbox has empowered our support team to quickly and accurately resolve customer questions. With the adoption of apps, we have decreased our median first response time by 18 percent," said June Zhang, senior customer service represeantative and technical lead at Guru, in a statement..

"Companies increasingly have specific needs. Developing an open platform allows Intercom to invest in our core technology so that customers and partners can build capabilities tailored to their needs on our platform," said Shane Murphy-Reuter, senior vice president of marketing at Intercom, in a statement. "Expanding app capabilities to the Inbox further strengthens our platform and positions Intercom as the dominant platform for all customer data, conversations and workflows for businesses."