Intercom Adds to Engagement OS

Intercom today launched Surveys to help companies capture insights from customers and act on them in real-time; Switch, a tool for support teams to transition customers from phone support hold queues to Intercom's Messenger support; and Intercom Inbox, a complete rebuild and redesign of its support inbox application. The applications are the latest products to be added to Intercom's Engagement OS.

"We believe ongoing customer engagement is the future of internet business, and that demands a new operating model—one that unifies and reorients every aspect of an organization to deliver exceptional customer experiences," said Karen Peacock, CEO of Intercom, in a statement. "We built Intercom's Engagement give all customer-facing teams one primary, unified platform to work together and create an ongoing dialogue with customers."

Surveys enables businesses to collect customer insights to tailor and target personal messaging to customers, taking action on first-party data in real time. It automatically connects customer insights to a variety of responsive, real-time workflows.

Switch eliminates on-hold wait times by enabling support teams to give customers the choice to engage with customer support however and whenever they want. Customers can move from phone support to Intercom's Messenger. Customers can call into phone support, select an option to move to messenger support, and then receive a link to be taken directly to the messenger. Switch works with any phone system and is natively built into Intercom's platform. Support teams can use integrations such as Aircall to log customer calls and then switch to Intercom to deliver an omnichannel support strategy. Teams can also build their own applications to integrate calls into their Intercom environments.

The re-imagined Intercom Inbox lets support teams work how they want, with available customizations like dark mode and four native languages, keyboard-first shortcuts, and quick actions.

"Our next-generation Inbox is the support tool for the future. It will set the standard for how support teams manage their workloads and do their jobs," said Paul Adams, chief product officer of Intercom, in a statement. "It's the only inbox on the market built for speed and designed for internet scale, so teams can meet rising customer demands and actually enjoy the tool they spend so much of their day working within. It's a central ingredient of the Engagement OS we've built in response to a market that is undergoing fundamental change and evolution."