Interactive Intelligence's PureCloud Engage Achieves HIPAA Compliance

PureCloud Engage by Interactive Intelligence Group has achieved compliance with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

PureCloud Engage is an omnichannel customer engagement cloud solution based on microservice architecture running atop the Amazon Web Services Cloud.

"Our HIPAA compliance means security-minded industries like healthcare can confidently take advantage of the cloud's simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to power a superior customer experience," said Mike Szilagyi, vice president of product management at Interactive Intelligence, in a statement. "Healthcare organizations of any size are assured that PureCloud Engage will transmit sensitive data, such as patient records, medical transcripts, and lab records, in a way that meets all the requirements outlined by HIPAA's rigorous security standards."

Interactive Intelligence engaged IT security firm Rook Security to perform an independent evaluation to validate its compliance. In its report, Rook concluded that PureCloud Engage handles electronic protected health information according to federal HIPAA regulatory guidelines, encrypting it in transit and at rest.