Integrated Research Releases Prognosis for Contact Center

Integrated Research has released Prognosis for Contact Center, a call recording assurance solution that manages the performance of applications such as voice recognition, call distribution, computer telephony integration, and outbound dialing systems.

"Our call recording assurance technology ensures customer calls within contact centers are recorded and playable to comply with government regulations," says John Dunne, general manager products and alliances, Integrated Research, in a statement. "For businesses in financial services and healthcare in particular, this minimizes the risk of being fined, which can be over $2,000 for each call that fails to be recorded and archived, or losing their license to operate."

Businesses can now proactively resolve problems such as dropped calls, slow voice recognition response times and poor voice quality before they affect contact center services and availability.

"Your contact centers may effectively be your customer service front door,” said Darc Rasmussen, CEO, Integrated Research, in a statement. “Prognosis for Contact Center can minimize the risk of bad experiences driving new and existing customers to your rivals. The impact on your revenue and your reputation of a lost call or slow system cannot be understated--not only do you lose a customer, but a chance to cross-sell and up-sell to them as well."

Delivered with Prognosis 10.1--the latest version of the Prognosis performance management software--Prognosis for Contact Center supports both Cisco and Avaya contact center platforms and is available immediately.