Indosoft Previews Stand-alone Visual IVR Builder

Indosoft this summer will begin offering its Visual IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Builder as a stand-alone system outside of Q-Suite, its enterprise call center ACD system using Asterisk, the open-source telephony platform. The Visual IVR Builder has been a popular component of Q-Suite.

First introduced with Q-Suite 4, the IVR builder received a major usability and feature overhaul with Q-Suite 5.7. Custom colored graphical icons represent the different IVR and call routing functions. The drag-and-drop framework allows call paths to be extended both horizontally and vertically.

Major features include the following:

  • Screens to upload audio prompts and configure music on hold;
  • The ability to make Web service calls;
  • Database integration and data lookups;
  • Access to call data and SIP headers;
  • Multiple ways to branch; and
  • Post-hangup call processing.

Making the Visual IVR Builder available outside of the Q-Suite offering "allows clients to add a professional IVR to their existing legacy systems, even if they don't need a full call center ACD system," said Gabe Bourque, CEO of Indosoft, in a statement.

The Visual IVR Builder will be available in July.

Indosoft's latest version of Q-Suite, version 6.0, was just released in early April.