Indosoft Adds Service Management Panel to Q-Suite

Indosoft has added the Service Management Panel to Q-Suite 5.17, allowing contact center administrators to start services when needed and pause them when not. Call centers can then bring up and down server instances without disrupting operations.

Q-Suite has long allowed the use of multiple Asterisk servers with one automatic call distributor system. This lets Q-Suite scale from single-digit user sites to enterprise-level deployments.

With the Service Management Panel, users can enable or disable servers with the push of a button. The page displays the current status of services, giving a quick overview of the system. Disabling a server notifies the rest of the system that the server is disabled while allowing ongoing calls to finish. When all activities are complete, the server can be shut down. Enabling a server re-configures the server, then notifies the system that the server is ready. Agents can then use the server again.

"The Cloud promises on-demand availability of resources," said Indosoft CEO Gabe Bourque in a statement. "Indosoft is committed to helping call centers achieve that promise. Scalability is at the heart of Q-Suite's success. The service management panel makes scaling easier."