Idomoo Retools Personalized Video Platform for Customer Engagement

Idomoo has released its next generation Personalized Video Engagement Platform for customer success, marketing and loyalty programs.

Idomoo's secret sauce is the combination of high quality video and big data personalization, delivering a visualized content channel that is easy to digest and highly relevant to an individual customer. The Idomoo platform enables brands to engage through emotional videos; connect with relevant, meaningful content; and satisfy, explain, and grow brand affinity, restoring the personal brand–consumer connection.

Idomoo’s personalized video engagement platform includes:

  • Real-time video engine – Cloud-based video generation machine for seamless blending of advanced personalization elements.
  • Data personalization - Simple integration with your CRM data or CSV file to generate customized content in real time.
  • Idomoo social – Use social media customer profile for compelling personalized customer engagement.
  • Multichannel distribution - Gain extensive reach across multiple channels anytime, anywhere: email campaigns, text messages, personal web portals, social feeds, advertising, and IPTV.
  • Data analytics – Make informed decisions by consistently tracking and measuring results and ROI through our integrated analytics.
  • Self-service templates and APIs - Utilizes Idomoo technology through open APIs to create video templates on your own or leverage our pre-designed video templates.

Idomoo's personalized videos generate the highest consumer engagement known in the industry, boosting open and click-through rates and conversions, with a 72 percent click-through rate in a recent Tim Fiber (ISP) campaign, 37 percent reduction in early churn for Cricket (telecom) and 33 percent conversion for Cadbury (retail). Idomoo customers range from telecommunication and utilities to banking, insurance and other industries, including many Fortune 500 companies.

"In a world of digital communication overload, where customers are tuning out marketing messages, our mission is to help brands excel at customer engagement, allowing them to stand out, penetrate, and be effective and relevant," said Yaron Kalish, Idomoo's CEO and co-founder, in a statement. "Every day, Idomoo's platform delivers millions of personalized videos to help industry leaders to penetrate, expand, and support acquisition, onboarding, bill/statement explanation, upsell, contract renewal, and loyalty programs for increased customer lifetime value."