IVR Technology Group Merges with Phonologies

IVR Technology Group, a voice and text application service provider, has merged with Phonologies, a provider of contact center technologies and cloud-based voice platforms, including mobile customer care, Web telephony, collaboration, unified communications, interactive voice response (IVR), and other applications within the social media, contact center, and enterprise domains.

The merger will allow the companies to build a stronger professional services offering and grow VoiceXML and Call Control XML (CCXML), both of which are still the dominant foundation for call center technologies, with more than 95 percent of IVR ports being VoiceXML-enabled. The two companies will also be able to grow their business in Asian, African, and South American markets .

Phonologies' CCXML and VoiceXML platform currently powers more than 20 million calls worldwide per day and will become a core offering of IVR Technology Group.

"There is significant room in the marketplace for VoiceXML-compliant on-premises and hosted solutions that are significantly more cost-effective than incumbent offerings today," said Mike Byrne, CEO of IVR Technology Group, in a statement.

The merger with Phonologies follows IVR Technology Group's acquisition of 800 Adept, an enterprise-level call tracking and call analytics company, in October 2014 and Adeptel in 2015.

"We believe that with the Phonologies merger, we are building tools and services that allow companies to deliver great customer experiences, and it doesn't have to break the bank," said Akash Desai, president of IVR Technology Group, in a statement.

Phonologies VoiceXML IVR Server and CCXML call switching software are based on telecom industry standards for deploying IVR and call routing apps. By integrating these into IVR Technology Group's core platform, Phonologies is able to open up to a new market. Phonologies also brings significant experience cross-porting VoiceXML apps from other vendors.

"With the merger, we strategically now have a direct sales and support presence in the U.S., which is a primary consideration for any enterprise customer. On the other hand both companies have components that fill in each other's gap," said Prashant Lamba, CEO of Phonologies, in a statement. "IVR Technology Group's solutions will be the core platform, and Phonologies components will be added onto those over the next four to six months."