IR Updates Prognosis for UC

IR, a provider of experience management solutions for unified communications and contact centers, has added deployment and migration pre-assessment capabilities to its flagship solution, IR Prognosis for UC. With these new capabilities, IT teams can test the internal network and connectivity to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud, and automatically assess the infrastructure to detect likely issues in performance of voice, video, and desktop sharing and resolve them before migrating to cloud or hybrid environments.

Prognosis for UC has a software-based design that does not require network probes for UC traffic analysis across the network. It provides full visibility across the entire UC environment, including SBCs, routers, and Wi-Fi access points.  Furthermore, it will not only identify potential issues, but also troubleshoot the root cause and provide prescriptive remedial guidance.

"UC infrastructure in today's workplace is complex and full of potential problem areas that are hard to see," said Darc Rasmussen, managing director and CEO of IR, in a statement. "By using Prognosis for UC to perform a pre-assessment, IT operations can identify what could go wrong ahead of the deployment so the issues can be prioritized and addressed before they can cause a problem. By getting your network ready you can ensure that users will have a great experience and can reap the rewards and productivity that the cloud can deliver."