INI Releases Form Studio IVR Surveying App

Contact center solutions developer Interactive Northwest, Inc. (INI) has released INI FormStudio, an interactive voice response (IVR) survey and response collection application that supports voice and visual interfaces and speech-to-text from transcription engines.

INI FormStudio builds on and replaces INI's voice-based data collection product, INI AudioForms. While INI FormStudio continues to support voice-based forms, it now also leverages visual IVR through web-based forms that callers can open in mobile or desktop browsers. Once the caller chooses the visual method he can then receive either an SMS or email message with a link that, once clicked, presents a visual representation of the form. The application integrates with Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager for outbound messaging.

"While it's very convenient for people to be able to fill out forms over the phone, sometimes you want the option to see the form, especially if it requires a lot of information, such as a medical history or insurance quote application," said Danette Craig, INI's vice president and general manager, in a statement. "With INI FormStudio, contact center administrators can create visual representations of a voice form that callers can open on a smartphone, making it easier for callers to provide the data that organizations need."

INI FormStudio, which is deployed on the Avaya Aura Experience Portal (AAEP) platform, supports speech-to-text, allowing callers to complete forms verbally within the IVR. In addition to open-ended voice recording, the application supports various question formats, including multiple choice, ranking and rating, and yes/no and true/false. There are also pre-built question types, such as phone number, date, and time.

Administrators can also configure forms to append call and session data and edit and duplicate forms.