INI Launches AudioMenus 3.0 with Directed Dialogue Speech Recognition Support

Contact center solutions developer Interactive Northwest, Inc. (INI) has added support for directed dialogue speech recognition to the most-recent release of its configurable interactive voice response (IVR) menu and announcement application, INI AudioMenus 3.0.

The new version eliminates the need for routing in the private branch exchange (PBX) by enabling contact center administrators to create automated speech recognition (ASR) applications.

"INI AudioMenus makes inbound call handling easier for everyone. Administrators can create and manage menus from anywhere, without the help of an IVR developer or telecom specialist, and callers can speak their choices naturally with the convenience of a hands-free interface," said Danette Craig, INI's vice president and general manager, in a statement. "It's natural for a caller to say 'billing' and be routed to the billing department. Likewise, it's natural for an organization to turn to internal resources for fast and flexible routing management when menus need to change."

INI AudioMenus 3.0, which leverages the Avaya Aura Experience Portal platform, has an upgraded user interface that enables administrators to create, deploy, and edit speech-enabled call routing applications on their own. It includes tools for batch uploading audio files, recording alerts remotely, validating application configuration, and generating color-coded graphical call flow diagrams and runs on both cloud-based and on-premises systems.

The latest version of INI AudioMenus builds on its existing press-or-say functionality to now include a text-based grammar window where administrators can simply type a list of comma-delimited words or phrases for the application to recognize, within the allotted character count.

INI AudioMenus 3.0 comes with ASR functionality built in but requires additional third-party and INI licenses for enablement. The application is now available through Avaya and Avaya Business Partners.