IGEL Adds Support for Poly Headsets

IGEL, a provider of software-defined endpoint optimization and control solutions, now supports wired and wireless headsets from Poly (resulting from Plantronics' July 2018 acquisition of Polycom for $2 billion). The IGEL OS 11 operating system now supports a range of Poly devices for unified communications.

"Poly headsets are a popular and high-performance choice for today's unified communications applications, particularly across call centers and customer support organizations," said Matthias Haas, chief technology officer at IGEL, in a statement "By extending verified compatibility and support to some of Poly's best-selling wired and wireless devices, we are empowering IGEL customers with a broader set of device options to further enable their workforce with the headsets they love."

IGEL OS 10.05.500 and IGEL OS 11.01.100 offers verified support for the following Poly headsets:

  • Blackwire 320 and 325 wired headsets;
  • Blackwire  5210 wired headsets;
  • Voyager 5200 UC Bluetooth headsets;
  • Voyager Focus UC stereo Bluetooth headsets; and
  • Voyager 8200 UC stereo Bluetooth headsets.

Later this quarter, IT organizations will also be able to update the firmware for their IGEL-supported Poly devices via the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS).

"Like Poly, IGEL is working to empower enterprise communications and collaboration, helping organizations better align with the way their modern workforce wants to work," said Chris Thorson, senior director of global solutions at Poly, in a statement. "By adding support for a broad range of Poly headsets, along with the vision of further management simplicity through the IGEL UMS, IGEL is empowering our mutual customers with choice and manageability while driving workforce productivity."